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French Ambassador gives RFK $100,000 Check for JFK Library

Apr. 24, 1964 - French Ambassador Hervé Alphand (right) presented today to Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy a $100,000 check on behalf of the French people for the Kennedy Memorial Library.

Mr. Kennedy, who accepted the gift in a ceremony in his office, said it was “another manifestation of the friendship that has long existed between the people of France and the people of the United States.”

John F. Kennedy Jr., the 3-year-old son of the late President, appeared in his uncle’s office before the ceremony began. He then went into an adjoining room to play with his cousins, Mary, 4, and Michael, 6, children of the Attorney General.

Mr. Alphand said the French Government had asked him to give to Mr. Kennedy the contribution to the library honoring his brother, which is to be built on the campus of Harvard University.

“I am here because it is the wish of the French people,” he declared. “They want to show and express their affection and admiration for President Kennedy.”

The Attorney General said the gift was greatly appreciated and thanked the Ambassador on behalf of Mrs. Kennedy and members of the Kennedy family.

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