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Freeze-Out Between Truman and Eisenhower Thaws

Dec. 24, 1963 - Former President Harry S. Truman (pictured at President Kennedy’s funeral) said in New York today that he had exchanged friendly holiday greetings with his political foe of many years, former President Eisenhower. Mr. Truman said their conversation took place when General Eisenhower recently telephoned him at his home in Independence, Mo. Speaking of General Eisenhower, he added: “I never had any falling out with him. The only trouble was he had a lot of damn fool Republicans around him. He’s a good man.” The telephone conversation was regarded as an extension of a reconciliation that began when the two former Presidents met and chatted amiably last month in Washington when they attended the funeral of President Kennedy. In another incident, Mr. Truman met and shook hands with former Vice President Richard M. Nixon Monday night. They met backstage at the Shubert Theater, where both had gone with their families to see the musical “Here’s Love.” After their handshake, they were asked to repeat it for the benefit of news photographers. Mr. Truman declined. Today, Mr. Truman predicted that President Johnson would be elected for a full term next year and that he would carry the South. Asked if he thought women would ever be nominated for the Presidency and Vice Presidency, Mr. Truman replied: “Why not? They’re in control of everything else, so I don’t see why not politics too. They do that now, you know: in the kitchen.”


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