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Freedom Riders Beaten in McComb, Mississippi

Nov. 29, 1961 - A mob of cursing whites, shouting “Kill ‘em! Kill ‘em!” set upon five Negro Freedom Riders today and drove them from the Greyhound bus station in McComb, Mississippi. Although the three youths and two girls were mauled severely, none was seriously injured. They fled to safety at a Negro hotel after escaping from their assailants in two taxis and a truck. A dozen white youths and men in the small but angry crowd had joined in pummeling the Negroes. They chased them around and over counters and tables in the waiting room of the terminal before kicking them out the door. The mob tossed one youth into the air again and again in the street outside, kicking and beating him as he struck the pavement. Five minutes after the Negroes had escaped, Chief of Police George Guy and Patrolman Edward Smith arrived from City Hall, less than a block from the terminal. They cleared the streets and sidewalks with little trouble.


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