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Frank Sinatra Saved from Drowning by Brad Dexter

May 10, 1964 - Frank Sinatra was swept out to sea by a strong undertow today on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, and almost drowned.

The actor, in the Hawaiian islands to make a movie, “None but the Brave,” was pulled to shore on a surfboard by an unidentified surfer. He was exhausted but conscious. The current had carried him out 200 yards.

Details of the incident were given by the movie company’s publicist, Harry Friedman. Local police confirmed the report.

Mr. Friedman said Sinatra was swimming with Mrs. Ruth Koch, wife of Howard Koch, executive producer of the movie company. Mrs. Koch was several yards closer to shore. When both became caught in the undertow, Mrs. Koch swam to shore.

Another actor, Brad Dexter (left), swam to Sinatra but was unable to bring him in. Dexter held him until a swimmer with a surfboard came to their aid.

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