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Frank Sinatra Jr. Holds News Conference

Dec. 11, 1963 - Frank Sinatra Jr., looking tense and drawn, told a news conference today that he was scared but was well threated throughout his 54-hour kidnap ordeal. The 19-year-old singer, released this morning after his father paid a $240,000 ransom, flatly declined to discuss details. He said he must keep silent until the FBI finishes questioning him. Young Sinatra appeared in front of his mother’s Bel Air mansion to talk to a throng of more than 100 newsmen who had waited all day for direct word from him. With his mother at his side but his father not present, he said in response to questions: “I feel fine. I seem to be in fairly good health. I wasn’t harmed at all.” At one point he turned to his mother, Nancy Sinatra, and said: “Mother, don’t cry.” Mrs. Sinatra urged newsmen repeatedly not to press questions about the crime. Frank Jr. added: “Last night, when I walked from that freeway [where he was released], I was so exhausted that I kind of passed out — decomposed slowly.” He said he had had no sleep while in captivity. “I was scared,” he added. “I was under nervous tension. The only thing I could do was hope for the best.”


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