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Frank Gifford Signs Eleventh Contract with New York Giants

June 22, 1963 - Frank Gifford, the halfback who came out of retirement last year to help the New York Giants win the Eastern Conference title of the NFL, today signed his 11th contract with the club. Gifford, 33 years old, shifted to flanker back in 1962 and was the Giants’ third-best pass catcher with 39 for 796 yards and 7 touchdowns. He is the all-time Giant leader in scoring with 418 points, and touchdowns with 67. Gifford lost 18 months in the prime of his career when he was tackled by Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Chuck Bednarik on November 20, 1960 (pictured), in what is widely considered one of the hardest hits in the history of the NFL. Gifford was knocked unconscious and suffered a severe head injury that let him to temporarily retire from football. Gifford's best season may have been 1956, when he won the league’s MVP award and led the Giants to the NFL title over the Chicago Bears.

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