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Fox Halts Shooting Indefinitely on "Something's Got To Give"

June 11, 1962 - Twentieth Century-Fox decided today to halt shooting indefinitely on “Something’s Got to Give,” from which it had dismissed Marilyn Monroe last Friday. The movie already has cost the studio $2 million. Production was suspended after a hectic day during which Peter G. Lavathes, executive vice president in charge of studio operations, tried to persuade Dean Martin to continue in the movie without Miss Monroe. The actor had notified the studio that he would not resume work unless she was rehired. His contract gives him the right of approval of his leading lady. Without Miss Monroe but with Mr. Martin, Fox believed it could make the movie. Lee Remick already had been hired and was at the studio today being measured for costumes. But without Mr. Martin, there were serious doubts that the film could be finished. Although Miss Monroe had not been in many of the filmed sequences, Mr. Martin has figured in most of the important scenes, made under the direction of George Cukor.


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