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Forty-Niners’ Bill Kilmer To Miss Entire ’63 NFL Season

Feb. 14, 1963 - San Francisco 49er halfback Bill Kilmer (pictured), who broke his leg in an auto accident last fall, apparently will miss the 1963 NFL season. “I guess it would be pretty tough to come back this year,” he admitted from a hospital bed where he has lain flat on his back for three months, “but I’m sure I’ll make it in 1964. Dr. Milburn [Lloyd Milburn, 49ers’ physician] told me I wasn’t through with football. I know he’s right, and I still have some hope for this year.” Kilmer was in his sophomore year with the 49ers and had already become established as an outstanding halfback when the accident occurred with two games to play. His car plunged off a freeway south of Los Angeles. “I hope to get on crutches and out of here in about three weeks,” Kilmer said hopefully. He keeps in shape by chinning himself 40 times a day and continually exercising his toes. They’re the only movable portion of his injured right leg and foot.


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