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Former Student of President’s Visits White House

Jan. 7, 1964 - Daniel Garcia (left), a Texan who was spanked 36 years ago by a school teacher named Lyndon B. Johnson, called on his former instructor today at the White House. After the visit, made at Mr. Johnson’s personal invitation, Mr. Garcia said the President was remembered by all of his students as a popular teacher. “He was very energetic,” Mr. Garcia said. “You can tell that. And he was very quick-thinking. You could tell that too.” Mr. Johnson telephoned Mr. Garcia in New York last night after seeing the CBS television show “I’ve Got a Secret,” on which Mr. Garcia recalled the spanking. Mr. Johnson had caught him clowning in his sixth-grade class at the Welhausen School in Cotulla, Texas. “He is quite a T.V. performer,” Mr. Johnson said today while posing for photographs in his office with Mr. Garcia. “He is giving me some instructions.”

Mr. Garcia, a 49-year-old furniture dealer in Cotulla, said the spanking occurred in 1928, when he was 13. At the time, Mr. Johnson was working his way toward an education degree. He was holding his first teaching job that year. The next year he was named principal of the school. Mr. Garcia recalled: “He used to leave us in class on our honor. This one time, he went out to visit some other teachers. There were three of us, three boys, and we were standing in front of the class, clowning. The other two boys stopped, and he came in from the hall and caught me. I noticed the class had stopped roaring with laughter. He grabbed me by the hand and took me to his office and spanked me.” Today, Mr. Garcia said he spent his visit with the President reminiscing about the old times at school.


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