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Former Major League Pitcher Is Now a Tough Judge

Oct. 18, 1963 - Lon Warneke (pictured in 1934), a former major league pitcher and umpire who now is a judge in Garland County, Ark., has some definite ideas about dealing with juvenile delinquents. Warneke, who pitched for the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals from 1930 to 1945 with an interruption for military service during World War II, sentenced four boys, ages 12 to 14, to paddlings today for stealing athletic equipment from Langston High School. And he appointed the Langston football coach, Charles Butler, a former end at the University of Illinois, to administer the whacks. Warneke also told the boys’ parents to cut their allowances, and he instructed school officials to give them jobs to work out payment for some athletic equipment that was ruined. He told the boys he was putting them on probation, and that if they got into trouble again they would go to reform school.


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