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Former Gen. Edwin A. Walker Punches Reporter Outside Senate Caucus Room

Apr. 5, 1962 — As Edwin A. Walker left the Senate caucus room today after testifying about Secretary of State Dean Rusk’s role in an alleged “hidden control apparatus,” the former general punched Tom Kelly, a reporter for The Washington Daily News, who was trying to ask a question. Mr. Kelly, standing among the swarm of reporters outside the caucus room, started to ask Mr. Walker about a statement made yesterday by George Lincoln Rockwell, head of the American Nazi party, in praise of Mr. Walker. Mr. Kelly said, “Do you disavow—” when Mr. Walker jabbed with his right fist, catching the reporter in the left eye and rapping Mr. Kelly’s head against a camera held by a photographer behind the reporter. Mr. Kelly said later that the blow had not been especially painful. The incident came after a morning of testimony in which the decorated combat veteran of World War II and Korea denounced high officials in the State Department, the press, the United Nations, and the C.I.A. as well as unnamed “traitors” who were “selling out” the Constitutional form of government.


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