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Former California Governor Sharply Critical of Dallas Police

Nov. 24, 1963 - Former California Governor Goodwin Knight was sharply critical today of the Dallas police force in connection with the fatal shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. He said President Kennedy’s assassin had been entitled to a fair trial and protection. “One of the great fundamentals of American justice which John Kennedy many times praised and worked for was violated during the last two days in Dallas,” Mr. Knight said. He went on: “Apparently the evidence against Oswald was overwhelming, but under our great system of American justice he was still entitled to a fair trial, and he was still entitled to protection.” Mr. Knight accused the Dallas district attorney, chief of police, and other officials of “trying Oswald via television and newspapers when they should have been directing their attention toward gathering the evidence and making sure the accused would face a trial.” “This is a crime of the century,” Mr. Knight said, “yet because of the carelessness of these officials in Dallas the American people will now forever be denied the whole truth of the assassination.”


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