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Ford Intoduces the Mustang

Feb. 6, 1964 - The Ford Motor Company confirmed today that it would introduce a new sports-type car, the Mustang, that has already been dubbed the “poor man’s Thunderbird.” The Mustang, a four-passenger car that will sell in the $3,000 range, will have a 108-inch wheelbase, 5 inches shorter than the T-Bird, and will be about 185 inches long. A six-cylinder engine will be standard, and there will be three optional V-8 engines.

While the company declined to release styling or technical details of the car, Lee Iacocca, general manager of the Ford division, said the Mustang would be built at the Dearborn assembly plant. Work at the plant, where the medium-sized Fairlane is produced, will be halted for a month for the changeover. The Mustang will make its formal debut early in April.


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