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Folk Group "The Weavers" Barred from Jack Paar Show After Refusing to Sign Loyalty Oaths

Jan. 2, 1962 - A folk-singing quartet was barred from the Jack Paar show today because its members refused to sign loyalty oaths. The quartet, the Weavers (pictured in 1952), said it had been approached by NBC at noon and asked to sign statements that they were not and never had been members of the Communist party. The group unanimously declined. Fred Hellerman (pictured right), speaking for the group, said: “We resent the indignity that such a request implies. Moreover, we feel very strongly that no private business establishment has the power or the right to require proof of any citizen’s patriotism.” The network confirmed that had canceled the Weavers’ appearance on their refusal to supply the statements. It said company policy had long barred “the use of its facilities by performers identified with the Communist party.” Mr. Hellerman and fellow member Lee Hays (pictured left) have invoked the Fifth Amendment before Congressional inquiries.


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