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Floyd Patterson to Fight Liston in September, Location Unknown

Apr. 16, 1962 - Floyd Patterson will defend the world heavyweight boxing title against Sonny Liston in September. This statement was made in New York today at a Boxing Writers Association luncheon. As to the location of the fight: utter confusion. It could take place at Yankee Stadium on Sept. 17 or at the Polo Grounds on Sept. 26. It could be held in Philadelphia Stadium on either of the two dates. And it could be fought in Houston. The title fight has been put off for several reasons. One is that Patterson, who has just completed a tour of the Mideast, doesn’t think he can be ready by June. Moreover, the champion is working on a book dealing with his career and wants to finish it before starting to train. And there was a report that the promoters, Championship Sports, Inc., preferred a later date to avoid possibly adverse reaction from the death of Benny (Kid) Paret of Cuba. Paret died April 2, nine days after losing the welterweight title in a brutal televised fight at Madison Square Garden last month.


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