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Floyd Patterson Negotiates Racial Difficulties in Yonkers, N.Y.

July 30, 1962 - Mrs. Arthur Walker, wife of a New York real estate broker, said today that Mrs. Floyd Patterson, wife of the heavyweight champion (pictured), had offered to remove a controversial fence between their front yards. The Walkers just bought the house next door to the $140,000 home the Pattersons bought a year ago in Yonkers. Dr. Ondino Morelli, the previous owner of the Walker property, had put up a high, basket-weave fence between the rear yards after the Pattersons moved in. Mr. Patterson had retaliated by putting up the same kind of a fence between the front yards. “Mrs. Patterson is a charming person,” Mrs. Walker said today. “The fence in front serves no purpose, and when we settle down here next month, we may accept the proposal of Mrs. Patterson to have it removed. We like all our neighbors, and all of our children will play together.”


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