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Floyd: “I Feel Disgraced”

July 23, 1963 - A thoroughly vanquished Floyd Patterson, wearing a white fishing cap and a sport shirt, said last night after his second knockout at the murderous fists of Sonny Liston that he had no intention of retiring, but he admitted he had “eliminated himself” from championship consideration for the time being. “I have no immediate plans, but I will not retire. I’m not ready for the shelf. I hope to fight my way back into the picture.” He named no future opponents, but he said he would take on “any one of the contenders” on the heavyweight list in an effort to pound his way back to the top for another chance. Cassius Clay? “I feel the best fight for Cassius is to meet Liston,” he replied. Who will win between Cassius and Sonny? “I think it’s 50-50,” Floyd said. Regarding last night’s encounter, Patterson said, “I feel terrible about it. I feel disgraced. But I also know I wasn’t afraid tonight. Liston was a better fighter — a much better fighter than I thought. I hoped I could go home a champion. I still want to — so I’ll try again. ” After his knockout by Liston last year, Patterson refused to give an interview and fled from Chicago wearing a false beard and moustache. “I originally planned not to give an interview tonight if I lost,” Patterson said after keeping sportswriters waiting 40 minutes. “But there are no beards or mustaches. Those things are gone for me now.”


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