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Flags Fly Upside Down Outside Edwin Walker’s Dallas Home

Oct. 31, 1963 - At the sprawling, gabled house in Dallas, Texas with the mailbox out front that says “General Edwin A. Walker,” there were five American flags flying upside down today, giving the international sign of distress. Somebody had said this was because the former general was ashamed of the way pickets had manhandled Adlai Stevenson. “That’s an absolute lie,” said Walker. What he was ashamed of, he said, was the fact that officials were ashamed of what had happened. “Adlai,” he said, “got what was coming to him. He represents the U.N., and since the people can’t get to the U.N., they got to him. He shouldn’t be so small as to take it personally. After all, we don’t just go around whacking each other with signs in this country. You know what that sign said, don’t you? It said ‘Get us out of the U.N.’” Walker, who left the Army in 1961 after he came under fire for his right-wing “troop education” program, said “the nation ought to be ashamed because we’ve given away Cuba and because of this wheat sale [to the Soviet Union] and because things are falling apart in Vietnam.”


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