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First Lady to Resume Hostess Duties Later this Month

Nov. 8, 1963 - Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy will resume her White House duties as hostess on November 20, more than a month earlier than expected. She is expected to be hostess at a reception honoring the judiciary that day, as well as at a state dinner on November 25 for Chancellor Ludwig Erhard of West Germany. Mrs. Kennedy had relinquished to others, primarily the President’s sisters, her role as hostess during her convalescence after the premature birth and death of a son last August. It had been reported earlier that she would not attend or preside at any social functions for the rest of the year. Mrs. Kennedy will also attend a performance of the Scots Black Watch Regiment next Wednesday on the White House South Lawn. On Nov. 22, President Kennedy and the First Lady will attend a Democratic fundraising dinner in Austin, Tex., climaxing a two-day Texas tour by the President.


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