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FBI: No Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK

Dec. 3, 1963 - An FBI report on the assassination of President Kennedy concludes that there was no conspiracy between Lee Harvey Oswald, the accused assassin, and Jack Ruby, the Dallas nightclub owner who killed Oswald. Although many mysteries remain to be cleared up, Justice Department sources said today that a massive volume of evidence indicates that each man acted strictly on his own during the violent weekend of Nov. 22-24 in Dallas. These sources said some individuals have been “scraping the bottom of the barrel” in Dallas in an attempt to link Oswald, the 24-year-old pro-Communist, with Ruby. There is no conclusive evidence, these sources insist, to demonstrate any tie between the two men of vastly different backgrounds and associations. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy is expected to submit the FBI report to President Johnson, perhaps later this week. The huge survey of evidence will then be turned over to the Warren Commission. It is also expected that President Johnson will issue a public statement on the FBI’s findings. Unless there are some sensational new discoveries, the FBI is expected to report that Oswald, acting alone, fired the two rifle shots that killed Mr. Kennedy as he motorcaded through Dallas Nov. 22. The FBI has proved to its own complete satisfaction that Oswald purchased the rifle from a Chicago mail order house in March and carried it with him into the Texas schoolbook depository from which the fatal shots were fired. The FBI has found Oswald’s hand print on the rifle and his fingerprints in the room from which the shots were fired. Oswald maintained up until the moment of his death at 1:07 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 24, that he was innocent.


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