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Faulkner's Home was Oxford, Miss.

July 6, 1962 - Although William Faulkner’s stories of northeast Mississippi were never understood by many, Oxford, Mississippi, the city where he lived for much of his life, already misses its shy, famous friend. Mr. Faulkner had few intimate friends or associates. A druggist, M.H. Reed, a friend who saw Mr. Faulkner many times, said today: “Many of the people couldn’t understand his own private world and what went on in it. They never really understood that Bill was their closest friend who was trying to show them, in his own peculiar way, that they must appreciate the good life better. He told me that many times.” Thought by some to be a miser, Mr. Faulkner lived in a Civil War home built by his great-grandfather in south Oxford. Here he kept horses for daily exercise. He was often seen riding them, always alone. Mr. Faulkner walked around the Courthouse Square almost every day, never failing to acknowledge a greeting but always with a faraway look in his eyes. Seldom did he stop and talk for more than a moment.

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