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Famed Bullfighter Juan Belmonte Dead at 69

Apr. 9, 1962 - Juan Belmonte (pictured in 1955), the Spanish bullfighter who died yesterday, was reported today to have committed suicide. Initial reports had indicated that his death was caused by a heart attack. According to reports in Seville, his native city, he had been in poor health for a long time. It is difficult today to corroborate the rumors of Belmonte’s suicide. Relatives would confirm only that he suffered a head injury, which they initially claimed was the result of a fall from his horse. His brother, Dr. Rafael Belmonte, claimed that the injury resulted from a fainting spell. However, the semi-official news agency Cifra said later today that Belmonte “shot himself in the head with a gun.” The agency said that a servant found him dead in an armchair in his ranch office.


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