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Faculty and Staff Averts Major Demonstration at University of Mississippi

Oct. 31, 1962 - A show of strength tonight by faculty members, state patrolmen, and military policemen at the University of Mississippi apparently averted a mass student demonstration. Additional military policemen were stationed at Baxter Hall, the dormitory in which James H. Meredith is housed. The Negro student was admitted to the university last Sept. 30 under a Federal court order. The arrival of the troopers came shortly after the Army had searched Lester Hall, next door to Mr. Meredith’s dormitory, and discovered a small arsenal. The search reportedly turned up a dismantled M-1 rifle, a pistol, several tear-gas grenades, fireworks, and a 5-gallon can of gasoline. The search occurred after a firecracker thrown from a window in the dormitory had struck a military policeman in the face. About 150 students formed across the street, but they dispersed at the request of Dr. L.L. Love, dean of students, and Robert B. Ellis, registrar. One student asserted angrily that the soldiers were “trigger-happy.” “That’s right,” replied Mr. Ellis. “They are trigger-happy, and they will shoot. Go back to your rooms.” Mr. Meredith’s dormitory was bombarded with fireworks for an hour Monday night by a student mob, and a bottle was hurled through the window of an automobile in which he was riding last night.


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