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Ex-Yankee ‘Moose’ Skowron Declares Himself a Proud Dodger

Jan. 15, 1963 - Bill (Moose) Skowron (pictured), who says he’ll wear his new Dodger uniform with as much pride as he did Yankee pinstripes for nine years, met the press this morning at Dodger Stadium. “If I’d had my choice to be traded to another club, I couldn’t do better than join the Dodger organization. Yogi Berra told me as much after the deal was made, and he was right.” The free-swinging veteran described himself as “a whaler” at the plate whose philosophy is, “Thou [the pitch] shall not pass.” Skowron refused to discuss the Yankees’ 1963 pennant hopes. “I am a National Leaguer now,” he said, “and if the Yankees play the Dodgers in the World Series next October, I’ll talk then.


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