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Ex-Nazi Charged with Murder of 40,000 in Poland in 1942

Nov. 14, 1962 - Martin Fellenz (pictured during WWII), a former major in the Nazi Elite Guard, went on trial today, charged with the killing of 40,000 Jews in Poland in 1942. The 53-year-old businessman is charged with having directed the removal of Jews from five Polish towns during the Nazi occupation. The 256-page indictment said the Jews were either murdered on the spot or transported to death camps near Lublin. The court has called 120 witnesses, including more than 30 foreigners, to testify at the trial. Fellenz has been acting as business manager of a Schleswig bakery owned by his father-in-law. He told the court he had worked as a musician in Duisburg in the early 1930s and joined the Elite Guard and the Nazi party in 1932.


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