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Ex-Marine Lee Harvey Oswald Returns from the Soviet Union

June 8, 1962 - A former U.S. Marine who moved to the Soviet Union three years ago is homeward bound with his wife and daughter, the U.S. embassy in Moscow said today. Lee Harvey Oswald, 22, and his family left Moscow 10 days ago. Oswald, formerly of Ft. Worth, Tex., went to the USSR in October 1959, shortly after being discharged from the Marine Corps. At that time, he told newsmen: "Leaving America is like getting out of prison. I would not want to live in the U.S. and be either a worker exploited by capitalists, a capitalist exploiting workers, or become unemployed. I will never go back for any reason." Today, the embassy said Oswald had provided no reason for his change of heart. The spokesman added that Oswald would have no difficulty returning because he had retained his U.S. citizenship.


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