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Europe Hails JFK on Cuban Victory

Oct. 29, 1962 - Western Europe hailed today the Soviet Union’s retreat in the Cuban crisis as a stunning victory for the U.S. President Kennedy emerged in the West as the hero of the crisis, but Premier Khrushchev also received some praise. Such banner headlines as “Back From the Brink,” “Retreat from Danger,” and “End of a Nightmare” reflected a mood of deep thankfulness at escape from nuclear war. The Irish Press of Dublin commented: “Now that the immediate strain is over, we can dismiss any apprehensions there may have been over the apparent foolhardiness of President Kennedy’s terrible gamble a week ago. He has won it, and in winning it has not merely justified his own wisdom and the wisdom of his advisers but has immeasurably strengthened the case of the whole free world.” The Daily Express view was typical of British opinion. “The U.S. has scored an immense diplomatic victory,” the newspaper asserted. “It is also a victory for peace. It is the outcome of boldness and tenacity in policy matched by strength and realism.”


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