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Election of George McGovern to Senate is Confirmed

Dec. 5, 1962 - South Dakota Senator Joe H. Bottum, a Republican, conceded today the election of Democrat George S. McGovern (pictured center last month) to the U.S. Senate. Until Senator Bottum’s surprise concession, it had been expected that his backers might carry the fight to the State Supreme Court. A complete canvass of the general election Nov. 6 had shown Mr. McGovern winning by an unofficial margin of slightly more than 500 votes. Senator Bottum was appointed earlier this year to succeed the late Senator Francis P. Case, a Republican. Mr. McGovern is a former Food-for-Peace director and a former Representative. His election gives the Democratic party 67 seats in the Senate to the Republican party’s 33. The former lineup was 64 to 36.


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