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Eisenhower Regrets Not Helping Nixon Win in 1960

July 27, 1962 - Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower said today that his worst mistake as President was that he did not do more to get Richard M. Nixon elected as his successor. General Eisenhower spoke at a news conference in a reception room of the Hotel d’Angleterre in Copenhagen. He declined to answer when asked for his views on the Kennedy Administration and made it clear he did not intend to get embroiled in a discussion of U.S politics. He said it was well known that he disagreed with the present Administration on some issues, but it would be “profitless” to go into it. Asked about the world’s future, General Eisenhower said, “Well, I’m one of the optimists. But in this international situation, it is always possible for a miscalculation, a mistake, or a human blunder to bring on the holocaust.”


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