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Eisenhower Indicates Support for Nuclear Test Ban

Aug. 15, 1963 - Former President Eisenhower, returning today from a brief tour of World War II invasion beaches in France, strongly implied he would back the treaty for a limited nuclear test ban. He said he would give his comments to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in writing and in “studied fashion.” Until then, he said, he prefers not to “talk about it in, you might say, an off-the-cuff manner.” “But,” he continued, “I do think this: unless there is evidence of which I know nothing, unless there is some rather hard evidence that the Soviets are way ahead of us in something, or that the security of the United States would be endangered, then I would certainly be on the favorable side.” He emphasized that he had not discussed the matter with any European leaders. His brief trip was devoted to making a television film on both sides of the British Channel about D-day, 20 years ago next June. After a brief stop at the CBS offices in New York to check film made in Europe, General Eisenhower flew home in Gettysburg, Pa.


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