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Edward G. Robinson Stricken with Heart Attack

June 18, 1962 - Edward G. Robinson (pictured in 1952), stricken with a heart attack while on film location near the Tanganyika border in Africa, was flown to a hospital in Nairobi today. Although the 68-year-old actor vowed he would be “back on the set tomorrow,” a spokesman for the unit now shooting sequences for “Sammy Going South” said Mr. Robinson would be in the hospital for at least four days. Mr. Robinson, who won fame playing tough-talking gangster roles, was stricken last night after he had retired at the Momella Game Lodge in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. “Sammy Going South” is about a small boy who loses his parents in Egypt and sets out to walk to Durban, South Africa, where he has an aunt. Mr. Robinson is cast as a warm-hearted diamond smuggler.


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