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Earl Warren Excoriates Mark Lane

July 3, 1964 - Chief Justice Earl Warren has told Mark Lane (pictured right in February with Marguerite Oswald) that the Presidential commission investigating the assassination of President Kennedy has “every reason to doubt the truthfulness” of some of Lane’s testimony.

The commission questioned Lane in an open session yesterday. The New York lawyer has been making lecture tours abroad and in the U.S. on the theme that Lee Harvey Oswald was not the assassin.

In testimony he gave March 4, Lane said he had had an interview with Mrs. Helen Markham of Dallas, a witness to the murder of J.D. Tippitt, the Dallas policeman who stopped Oswald less than an hour after the assassination.

The commission asked Lane yesterday if he had a tape recording of his talk with Mrs. Markham. Lane said he did but refused to say who had made it or when it had been made. He also refused to turn it over to the commission.

The questioning revealed that Mrs. Markham had told the commission she had never talked to Lane. In obvious annoyance, Warren told the lawyer:

“Until you give us the corroboration that you say you have, we have every reason to doubt the truthfulness of what you have told us.”

On his earlier appearance, Lane said he was representing, without pay, Mrs. Marguerite Oswald, mother of the accused assassin. Lane said he could not turn over a recording of his supposed interview with Mrs. Markham because of his “attorney-client relationship” with Mrs. Oswald. He is no longer representing Mrs. Oswald.

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