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Drysdale Beaten by Mets in Shocker

Aug. 24, 1962 - If you were a major league pitcher badly in need of your 23rd victory of the season, chances are you’d welcome a crack at the New York Mets. Don Drysdale of the Dodgers was in just such a situation when he faced the National League cellar dwellers tonight. He probably was the most startled man in baseball when he picked up a defeat. The score was Mets 6, Dodgers 3. Nearly everyone in the vociferous gathering of 39,741 was surprised to see Jay Hook (pictured) beat the league leaders with a 6-hitter. The defeat reduced the Dodgers’ lead to two-and-a-half games over the second-place Giants and to three games over the Reds. Rod Kanehl, Choo Choo Coleman, and Marvelous Marv Throneberry slammed homers for the Mets — all off Drysdale — as the New Yorkers whipped the Dodgers at the Polo Grounds for the first time in their young history.#MLB #baseball #OTD #1960s #mets #dodgers


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