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Dr. King Freed from Jail

Aug. 10, 1962 - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was freed from jail today in Albany, Ga., after having served two weeks, and Negro leaders promptly called off two scheduled mass demonstrations. Dr. King received a suspended jail sentence and fine for his part in a demonstration on July 27. Receiving suspended sentences with Dr. King were the Rev. Ralph D. Abernathy, a close personal associate from Atlanta; Dr. W.G. Anderson, an osteopathic physician who is president of the Albany Movement; and Slater King, vice president of the movement, who is no relation to Dr. King. Dr. King said that plans for a Mothers March to be led by his wife and a Prayer Pilgrimage to include out-of-state ministers were temporarily suspended after his release. He said that this action was to give the City Commission a chance to open “good-faith” negotiations with local Negro leaders.


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