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Dr. Charlie Chaplin Reveals Creative Plans

June 28, 1962 - Charlie Chaplin, now an honorary Doctor of Letters from Oxford University, said today that he planned two more films. The last film Mr. Chaplin made was “A King in New York,” in which he ridiculed many aspects of American life, from TV commercials to the House Committee on Un-American Activities. The film was not shown in the U.S., at Mr. Chaplin’s request. Speaking of his past “differences” with America, Mr. Chaplin said: “I have no bitter feeling about America now. It is not a thing one can carry on. Some of my best friends are Americans. I like them. What happened to me — I can’t condemn or criticize the country for that. There are many admirable things about America and about their system, too. I carry no hate. My only enemy is time.” Mr. Chaplin frequently has been attacked in the U.S. as a supporter of Left-wing movements. He says he has never been a Communist. In 1952, after he and his family left the U.S. for Europe, the Attorney General’s office announced that he could not return until he had satisfied the Immigration Service that he was a fit person. Later, he paid $425,000 to settle claims that he owed $700,000 in back taxes and interest.


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