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Doris Day Top Moneymaker in 1963

Jan. 5, 1964 - Doris Day (pictured at a Dodger game last August) was voted the top moneymaking star of 1963 by the men who count the tickets — the theater owners of the country — it was announced today. It was the second straight year at the top of the list for the blonde singer-actress. Miss Day, who has appeared on the poll for seven years, was also top moneymaker in 1960, but lost out the following year to Elizabeth Taylor. Miss Taylor came in sixth for 1963. Dependable John Wayne galloped into second place this year, followed by Rock Hudson in third and Jack Lemmon in fourth. The top five was rounded out by Cary Grant. It should be noted that the poll, conducted by the Motion Picture Herald, does not attempt to judge performances, only the financial results at the box office. Following Miss Taylor in the voting was Elvis Presley in seventh place; then Sandra Dee, Paul Newman, and Jerry Lewis. The only newcomer to the moneymaking group was Newman. Lemmon was absent last year, but his name had appeared on the list in past years. Two stars who made the grade in 1962 were bumped off this year by Newman and Lemmon. Frank Sinatra, who was eighth last year, and Burt Lancaster, in the 10th spot in 1962, found themselves out of the running.


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