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Don Drysdale Will Not Only Pitch but Sing You a Heck of a Tune

Mar. 27, 1963 - Is Don Drysdale, the Los Angeles Dodger's first-rate pitcher, a top-flight crooner as well? You can get the answer to that intriguing question by attending the Baseball Writers' banquet at the Hollywood Palladium on the night of April 5. Because Drysdale, aided by Lawrence Welk's famous orchestra, is going to sing 3 songs to the nearly 2,000 persons expected to gather at the banquet. And if you think this will be in the nature of an amateur performance, think again. Because Drysdale made a professional appearance on the Milton Berle Show (pictured) at the Desert Inn at Las Vegas last fall and performed so well he was signed to a recording contract by Frank Sinatra's Reprise Records, the discs to be released practically simultaneously with his appearance at the Palladium. Of course, Drysdale will be only one of a host of celebrities to perform at the Baseball Writers' dinner, which has scheduled a spectacular program of entertainment. All members of both the Dodger and Angel teams will be present. Tickets to the affair, priced at $20 each, can be obtained from the Baseball Writers Headquarters at the Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel, telephone 624-0849.


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