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Dodgers Top Mets in 13 Innings, Willie Davis Fined for Throwing Bat

June 28, 1962 - Following the Dodgers’ 5-4 victory over the Mets this evening in a 13-inning game at the Chavez Ravine Stadium in Los Angeles, Dodger center fielder Willie Davis (pictured) was fined $25 as a “reprimand for losing his temper.” Davis, angered at a third strike called against him in the sixth inning, hurled his bat at the Dodger dugout along the third-base line. The bat skipped over the top of the dugout, grazed a second-row patron in the left temple, and dropped into the lap of a man in the fourth row. The fourth-row patron returned the bat to Tony Demetrakos of Tajunga, Calif., the man who had been struck. Demetrakos was examined in the first-aid room and released. He then returned to the game in time to see Dodger left-hander Johnny Podres get knocked out of the box in the top of the eighth.


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