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Dodgers To Receive Record World Series Shares

Oct. 7, 1963 - Having destroyed the legend of Yankee invincibility, the triumphant Dodgers did some mental arithmetic today in anticipation of receiving record shares of more than $13,000 as a reward for their four-game sweep in the World Series. Some members of Walter Alston’s all-star cast will derive further financial benefits from postseason nightclub dates, T.V. appearances, and endorsements as a result of their stunning victory — the second since they moved to L.A. six years ago. In 1959, when they conquered the White Sox in six games, the Dodgers banked individual shares of $11,231, the current record. New York’s humbled Yankees also are expected to receive record losers’ share of more than $8,000. In losing to the Yankees last year, the Giants’ shares were $7,291 per man. The players, who share only in receipts of the first four games, will cut up a whopping $1,017,546 melon. The first two games in New York drew 125,455 fans, and the third and fourth games in Los Angeles attracted 111,824. Dodger G.M. Buzzie Bavasi said it cost the Dodger management $150,000 when the Series failed to go at least five games. “The prestige of being world champions will be reflected in better attendance at home and on the road next season, plus increased ticket sales,” Bavasi reasoned today. “But we’re all delighted to have taken the Yankees in four games. I’d have settled for three if it were possible.” Right now, Bavasi said, it looks as though the Dodgers may have the same principal rivals in 1964. “I’d say St. Louis, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Milwaukee are the big ones,” he said. “And maybe Cincinnati, if Bob Purkey and Joey Jay come around.” Manager Walt Alston, rumored to be on his way out after the Dodgers started slowly this season, will of course be rehired for 1964. Whether Leo Durocher remains on the coaching staff is up to Alston. Durocher was accused of second-guessing Alston last year after the Dodgers lost the pennant in a playoff. Bavasi said Durocher behaved himself better this season.


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