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Dodgers Rehire Alston as Manager

Oct. 17, 1962 - The Los Angeles Dodgers rehired Manager Walter Alston (pictured left with Sandy Koufax and Johnny Podres) today. And Alston, refusing to believe reports that he had been undermined by Leo Durocher, said he would like to retain the colorful coach. Alston, the dean of National League managers, will be returning for his 10th season as the Dodger field leader. Alston was manager the only two years the Dodgers ever won the world championship — in 1955 at Brooklyn and in 1959 at Los Angeles. The latest Durocher controversy was brought on by reports that Leo had second-guessed Alston after the playoffs and hinted that he could have won the pennant if he had been manager. Durocher denied saying this. General Manager Buzzie Bavasi said he’d have to prove he didn’t and even suggested there wasn’t room on the club for both Alston and Durocher. “Let’s face it,” said Bavasi today. “We’re not going to stop Leo from talking. Nobody’s been able to do it for 50 years. We wouldn’t want to do it. It wouldn’t be the same Leo. If Alston can live with Leo, that’s fine by me.”


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