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Dodgers Favored by Many to Win NL Flag

Mar. 9, 1963 - A surprising number of people don’t think the San Francisco Giants are going to cakewalk to another pennant. Among them is Joe Adcock (pictured with Henry Aaron), a 6-4 220-pounder who wore a Milwaukee Braves uniform last season. Adcock, now with the Cleveland Indians, is generally recognized as a sharp observer, and Joe says the Los Angeles Dodgers will grab the flag by 10 games. “Not five, six, or nine — but ten games,” he insisted. “Why? Because that experience of blowing the championship last year will prove the difference. I know this from experience. The same thing happened to the Braves in 1956, when I was in Milwaukee. We lost the pennant by one game on the final day of the season. We had a one-game lead going to St. Louis for the final series. We won one game, dropped two. The Dodgers meanwhile swept their series with the Pirates and that was that. But we profited. We won the pennant the next two seasons. We had learned from sad experience. So will the Dodgers.”


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