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Dodgers 1-2 in Past Playoff Series

Sept. 30, 1962 - The Dodgers have been in all four of the National League’s playoffs. This forthcoming meeting will be their second with the Giants. Of the three playoffs in which the Dodgers have appeared to date, they have won only one. That was in 1959 (pictured), when they downed the Milwaukee Braves in two straight games. In the first National League playoff in 1946, the Dodgers, then under Leo Durocher, bowed to the Cardinals. In 1951, they were to lose again, only this time Durocher rode the winning entry. Leo was then skipper of the Giants, who brought down the Dodgers on the wings of Bobby Thompson’s epic ninth-inning homer in the third game. After today’s loss to the Cardinals, the Dodgers’ weathered center fielder, Duke Snider, said, “Well, it does make things interesting, doesn’t it?” The Duke had participated in the Dodgers’ 1951 and 1959 playoffs. “Why do you think my hair is gray?” he asked. “Well, we’ve owed the Giants something since 1951. Now we’ll get a chance to pay them back.”


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