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Dodger Speedster Maury Wills Decides When To Run

Mar. 5, 1963 - Maury Wills (pictured right with Leo Durocher), the Dodgers’ fleet-footed shortstop who shattered Ty Cobb’s 47-year-old record last summer with 104 stolen bases, will not be flagged down by any red lights this year. The speedster again will operate on the basepaths pretty much on his own. This was made clear today by Walter Alston. The manager entertains no fears that Wills is apt to run hog wild in an effort to add to his incredible record. “Maury simply isn’t that kind of a fellow,” said Alston today. “He didn’t do any reckless running last year, and I’m sure he won’t this year. After all, when a fellow steals 104 bases and is thrown out only 13 times, no manager is going to hamstring him. Of course, in certain situations in a close game, strategy makes it prudent not to steal. In such cases, he’ll get orders to stay put. He’s not only an amazingly fast runner but a smart one. He thinks only of winning.”


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