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Dodger Fans Shattered by Playoff Loss

Oct. 3, 1962 - “They blew it, they blew it,” a shattered Los Angeles baseball fan mumbled as he walked away. “They didn’t deserve to win it,” said another angrily. That about summed up the reaction of Los Angeles to the final game of the National League pennant race, won by the Giants in a four-run ninth inning. (Below, a dejected Don Drysdale is pictured after the game.) Andy Williams, normally a mild-mannered popular singer, was so enraged he kicked in the side of his new foreign sports car. A bar on South Broadway felt like a morgue after the Giants’ stunning rally. Working men filed out shaking their heads. “Five and a half games ahead, and they couldn’t win it,” one said in amazement. Another said: “The way those two clubs staggered around, the Yankees will eat ‘em up in four straight.” About 30 minutes after the game, bars in the downtown area were subdued and empty. The season was done.

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