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DiMaggio Bars Hollywood Stars from Monroe Funeral

Aug. 7, 1962 - Plans were completed today to try to make Marilyn Monroe’s funeral tomorrow as simple as possible. Only a small number of persons will be admitted to the funeral chapel, and the press has been excluded. Among the few persons who will attend the funeral will be Joe DiMaggio (pictured yesterday at Westwood Village Memorial Chapel), the former baseball star, who was the actress’s second husband. Mr. DiMaggio and Morton Rudin, Miss Monroe’s lawyer in Hollywood, have been arranging the nondenominational service. Mr. DiMaggio and Miss Monroe’s family issued a statement which read: “We sincerely hope that the many friends of Marilyn will understand that we are deeply appreciative of their desire to pay last respects to Marilyn, whom we all loved. We hope that each person will understand that last rites must, of great necessity, be as private as possible so that she can go to her final resting place in the quiet she has always sought. We could not in conscience ask one personality to attend without perhaps offending many others. For this reason alone, we have kept the number of persons to a minimum. Please all of you remember the gay, sweet Marilyn, and say a prayer of farewell within the confines of your home or your church.”


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