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Dick Powell Suffering from Cancer

Sept. 27, 1962 - Dick Powell (pictured), a highly successful singer and actor before becoming one of television’s major producers, is suffering from cancer. Mr. Powell, 57, said today he was being treated for cancer in his neck and chest. The president of Four Star Television entered St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, Calif., Sept. 13 and was under treatment there 7 days. He left the hospital to convalesce at his home, planning to resume work on six more shows for NBC. “I have been taking a linac treatment,” he said. A linac is a linear accelerator, a device used for radiation treatment of cancer. Mr. Powell is being treated by Dr. Justin Stein at the University of California at Los Angeles Medical Center. “I have had six of them, and Dr. Stein is pleased with my progress and told me he expects to eliminate the condition,” the producer said. Mr. Powell is a partner in Four Star Television with David Niven and Charles Boyer, actors. He is married to June Allyson, the actress.


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