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Development of Television Tape Recorders Continues

Aug. 1, 1963 - A television-tape recorder for the home is receiving increasing attention from electronic engineers. With such a device, tapes of plays or movies could conceivably be rented or sold in supermarkets, libraries, and bookstores. The show recordings would be played back through the TV set. A home-TV recorder would also allow the recording and replaying of programs broadcast over the air. A number of companies including the American Ampex Corporation and the British Telcan (Television in a Can) Coporation, are working on TV-tape recorders. But the lowest cost for a device giving a picture comparable to today’s TV images has been around $12,000. There is general agreement, however, that home TV-tape are not far off. One recording authority, noted for his contributions and his reserved approach to electronic breakthroughs, was asked if home visual recording might come along in 10 years. “Oh, I wouldn’t say it would be that long,” he replied.


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