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Dave Garroway Changes Sign-off

July 21, 1962 - Dave Garroway (pictured with Jacqueline Kennedy in September 1960), who for 24 years has signed off his radio and television programs by saying “peace,” now uses the word “courage” instead. One viewer was somewhat startled when Mr. Garroway presented the new sign-off for the first time a week ago on the “Miss Universe” telecast over CBS. Asked to explain the revision of his trademark, he said: “Peace is a wish, but there is no peace in a world sense. Eric Sevareid said a while ago that mostly what we have left is courage and determination. Peace is what is to be desired. I suppose the word is somewhat overused and beaten down. I decided to be more realistic. Courage is something that must come from the individual.” Mr. Garroway initiated his “peace” sign-off in 1938 when he did a radio show on KDKA in Pittsburgh.


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