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Danny Murtaugh Rehired as Pirates’ Manager

Sept. 19, 1963 - The Pittsburgh Pirates, who plunged deep into the second division this year after five seasons as a pennant contender, today ended speculation over the status of Manager Danny Murtaugh by rehiring him for the seventh straight year. General Manager Joe L. Brown said he took the action before the end of the 1963 season to show his confidence in the 45-year-old Murtaugh. “I feel Danny is as good a manager today as he was in 1960,” Brown said. “He is a good handler of men, a sound tactician, and a good leader. We won the pennant in 1960 with Danny, and we’re going to do it again.” Terms of the one-year pact were not revealed. With 10 games left on the 1963 schedule, the Pirates are in eighth place. This year’s finish will be the lowest in the Murtaugh regime. Pittsburgh won the world championship in 1960 when Murtaugh was named Manager of the Year. Today, Murtaugh had this explanation for the dismal ’63 season: “We can’t place the blame on the youngsters. There were two big reasons why we had a bad year. First, the lack of the big play in a game and secondly, the lack of a vital base hit.” Earlier during the Forbes Field press conference, Murtaugh had pointed out the inexperience of the young players, naming Donn Clendenon, Bob Bailey, and Willie Stargell. He said the year of experience would make the Bucs a better club in 1964. Murtaugh’s tenure is closing in on the longevity that Frank Frisch holds of seven years, less a month, when he departed in 1946. The Bucs under Murtaugh have finished seventh, second, fourth, first, sixth, fourth, and currently eighth.


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