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Dallas Police Continue to Gather Evidence against Oswald

Nov. 23, 1963 - Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry announced tonight that the FBI had identified as Lee Harvey Oswald’s handwriting a letter sent March 20 to a Chicago mail order house under an assumed name for a $12.78 rifle similar to the one that killed President Kennedy. Chief Curry said the order bore a post office box return address in Dallas in the name of “A. Hidell,” which had been established as a post office box rented by Oswald. He said photographs found at Oswald’s home in suburban Irving showed him with a revolver on his hip and a rifle in his hand, and showed him displaying two apparently left-wing newspapers, one with a bold headline: “Be Militant.” (One such photograph is pictured below.) Chief Curry said the defendant would be turned over tomorrow morning to the custody of County Sheriff Bill Decker for confinement in the county jail a mile away. He announced also that a third charge was being lodged against Oswald — assault with intent to murder Governor John B. Connally, who was felled along with President Kennedy. The chief summed up the day’s work thus: “I thought the case was in good shape this morning. It’s even stronger tonight.”


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